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Telema IT infrastructure hosted at ISO 27001 level

In October, Telema IT infrastructure was moved to a new server room, hosted by Telia, which conforms to the ISO 27001 standard. ISO 27001 standard guarantees the highest level of information security and reliability necessary in EDI systems. The scope of the standard regulates a wide range of aspects, starting from regulating the physical access to server rooms to having a backup plan for power outage situations.

The migration was performed together with professionals from Telema, Telia and Proact. Proact is Telema’s new important infrastructure partner. One of the Europe’s leading independent datacentre and cloud services providers Proact provides Telema with both new scalable infrastructure as well as professional support in administration. The new infrastructure is able to support the fast growth of Telema business and customer base.

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Self service in Telema Portal = quicker links with trade partners

By the end of 2016, more than half of the companies are using Telema’s self-service portal to link to partners in Telema network. Are you one of the “advanced users”?

You do not send an e-mail request to LinkedIn helpdesk asking to add a colleague to your network. Instead, you are browsing through the profiles and clicking “Connect”. You can do the same in Telema Portal: it will be smoother and quicker than calling or emailing helpdesk.

Key Users and Linkers are able to add Partners quickly and conveniently:
  1. Log in to Telema Portal
  2. Choose “Partners” from the menu
  3. Search for the suitable Partner
  4. Insert Partner’s code, click “Link” and you are done!

55% of the companies are already adding Partners this way. Feedback has been very positive, so go ahead and try it out as well!

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Organic ice cream, exotic spices and wheat-free bread: start with EDI over web

In 2016, more than 50 new suppliers were added to Telema EDI network in the Baltics. Among others, LaMuu in Estonia and Marybella in Latvia, both producers of organic ice cream, Umami, importer of exotic spices, and Priileib, a wheat free bakery in Estonia, find that EDI is the key to retailers’ shelves.

Small companies sometimes do not have an accounting software, but retailers, their valued customers, prefer sending orders and receive invoices electronically. Web-based EDI (product called Telema Websupplier) is then a good solution for getting started. When the business grows and the document volume along with added retail partners, it is wise to integrate and upgrade to using Telema EDIsupplier product. This was the case for LaMuu and Umami, who both started with EDI over web and integrated eventually.

If you are contemplating moving from Websupplier to EDIsupplier, feel free to contact our new dedicated EDI product manager Erkki Muuga.

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