Why should you use integrated EDI instead of web EDI?

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Why should you use integrated EDI instead of web EDI?

Suppliers know how difficult it is to comply with retailers’ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements. When it comes to EDI, there are two options: web portal based EDI and integrated EDI. While web-based EDI might seem like the easy choice for newcomers, let’s delve deeper into why integrated EDI is the smarter, more efficient option.

Without EDI, suppliers have to manually enter orders received via email into their warehouse software. After picking and packing the goods, they generate invoices based on these manually entered orders. In this manual process, the order data input is not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors.


Web portal based EDI

Web-based EDI, often the starting point for many suppliers, offers a quick and easy setup. It allows you to exchange orders and invoices with your retailers through a web portal.

However, there’s a hidden catch. Both orders and invoices must still be manually transferred from the web portal to your warehouse system! When you need to handle a lot of documents, this duplication results in a significant workload. That manual process takes not just lots of effort but also involves potentially many human mistakes.

integrated EDI

Integrated EDI

Integrated EDI streamlines the entire process through automation, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

In the case of integrated EDI, incoming orders flow directly into your warehouse software in a machine-readable format. Additionally, invoices can be generated and sent to customers directly from the warehouse software, all in machine-readable format. The result? A staggering 90% reduction in manual work. This means more time for your team to focus on critical tasks and a significant boost in overall efficiency.

A general misconception is that integrated EDI is an expensive, long-lasting and effortful IT project. Telema has been working for over 15 years with ERP and warehouse software providers on creating standardized EDI modules in the softwares. Thanks to this, implementing EDI in more than 40 different softwares throughout the Baltic States is now easy, fast and cost effective. It makes it a rational way to take also for smaller companies.


Web EDI vs integrated EDI

In conclusion, opting for web-based EDI might seem like an easy fix, but it often ends up adding to your workload rather than decreasing it.

At Telema, we are deeply committed to maximizing the benefits of EDI for our clients.

Our recommendation: embrace integrated EDI to unlock a world of efficiency, reduce manual work, and truly harness the potential of EDI for the benefit of your business.

Make the smart choice today – choose integrated EDI and witness the transformation of your operations.

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