Euroleib: Telema PDS replaces 6 tables with one

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Euroleib: Telema PDS replaces 6 tables with one

“Using Telema PDS has helped us simplify our sales activities and save a lot of valuable time,” says Janne Tammsaar, the sales manager of Euroleib AS.

Before Telema PDS, Euroleib had product data in various places – some in their ERP, some in various Excel files. To create an offer for retail chains, product data had to be combined using copy-paste, which is a lot of tedious manual work. 


6 different Excel tables

For Euroleib the need to keep two different product data records for each product increased the workload significantly. Recipes entered by food technologists, specify how much and which ingredients need to be bought or booked as expenses. Product ingredients record, which is also visible to customers, states which substances a product contains. It was also the basis for caloric and allergens tables. Information about ingredients is very important to partners and resellers. 

As is widely known, each retail chain has different requirements for product information and thus product data sent to 6 different retailers had to be manually entered into 6 different Excel tables. Due to the big workload, the sales manager and her assistant were constantly occupied with this activity. 

The continuous increase of products in assortment also increased the work time expenses. From time to time a lot of work was done that was later discarded. Retailers’ charts were filled in, but the product wasn’t taken in. Still a vast amount of time was spent on doing it. 


Long-term cooperation: base for trust

According to Janne Tammsaar, all those problems made Euroleib look for a solution to help them save time. Euroleib had heard about the Baltics leading EDI operator Telema AS’ new solution, Telema PDS. Thanks to previous smooth cooperation, the strengths and opportunities of Telema PDS solution were taken into account when comparing different solutions. After that several solutions were tested. 

It turned out that Telema PDS combines all the necessary product information, making it convenient to manage and share data with retailers and customers. Issuing assortment and campaign offers will be easy, including changing pricing and product information for Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian retailers. This ensures the completeness of product data throughout the product’s life cycle. Additionally all product information is validated and forwarded to the partners through a safe channel. 

Telema PDS seemed like a suitable solution ensuring effective time management while communicating with the resellers. Telema PDS took away the need to copy and paste different information between databases and Excel tables. “Instead of filling in 6 different tables we now fill in just one and that is that. While some other solutions also promised simple and convenient product data processes, only with Telema have we had a long-term trustful cooperation. This was the final decisive factor for us in choosing Telema PDS,” says Tammsaar. 


No problems, only solutions

Euroleib now uses Telema PDS solution to forward product data and campaign offers to retailers. Telema PDS reduces the amount of  errors made while entering data, which lowers the overall delays and confusions in the supply chain. 

Janne Tammsaar names individual approach as one of the strengths of Telema. When the Euroleib AS team finds ways to improve PDS solution, they forward the suggestions to Telema people. “Our concerns are quickly taken into account. In overall communication we feel like there are no problems  – only solutions,” she comments. 


Recommending to others

While the initial setup of product data in Telema PDS environment takes time (the data needs to be sorted and cleaned), it is a one-time process. “Entering product data is not difficult, but time for that should be planned ” Tammsaar goes on. However, once the product data is uploaded, making offers to retailers is extremely simple and time efficient. This is why Euroleib AS decided to choose Telema PDS. 

Janne Tammsaar has recommended Telema PDS solution to others as well. “Exchanging product information is much easier,” she explains, adding that the amount of time saved from fixing errors is enormous. All companies, who regularly make offers to big retail chains like Rimi, Selver, Coop, Prisma and others, would save a lot of time and energy using Telema PDS, she believes.