In Focus: Increase your EDIfication level to more than 50%!

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In Focus: Increase your EDIfication level to more than 50%!

Telema annual customer satisfaction surveys confirm that customers with more EDI partners are more satisfied. They are more satisfied because they get more value from the EDI service. This is logical – if starting to exchange EDI documents with one partner saves time and money, it will save even more time and more money with multiple partners. 

However, many Telema customers are not yet doing EDI with all of the business partners they could. Telema has estimated that the average “EDIfication” level of our customers is less than 50%.This means that the majority of documents still arrive via email or paper and require manual data entry. 

Main reasons for low EDIfication level are:

  1. Not being aware how many partners are also using EDI
  2. Too busy to ask for electronic documents from partners
  3. Not enough knowledge or tools for partner onboarding.

To help customers overcome those problems and ease partner onboarding to EDI network, Telema customer support is creating easy-to-use manuals and instructions, including sample letters to partners. 

Also, we are is providing free analysis and consulting about customers’ entire partner lists. Telema is ready to suggest useful segmentation rules and together with the customer to co-create a specific onboarding plan. 

How about using the EDI benefits to the fullest?

Request help with onboarding your partners!