Rico OÜ: ”Our product range in Selver doubled”

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Rico OÜ: ”Our product range in Selver doubled”

“Making an offer has become 10 times faster and filling the tables no longer feels like an annoying task thanks to Telema PDS,” says Rico OÜ board member Reimo Nebokat.

Rico OÜ’s product range includes approximately 200 different articles, of which 180 are in the active assortment of various stores. “The largest selection of our Amii candles can be found in Apollo stores, but our product range is renewed and expands every year,” adds Nebokat. Constantly growing and changing assortment is just one of the reasons why Rico OÜ has decided to use Telema PDS solution to offer their products to retail chains and large customers.


No room for errors

As for many other manufacturers, the busiest time for Rico is the Christmas period. “We make various offers for retail chains and large customers all over Estonia. As the holidays approach, seasonal and campaign offers will be added to the permanent assortment offers. From the store’s perspective, all these products are also in different categories. What tops it all off – the deadlines for different offers fall within a very short period of time,” explains Nebokat.

“During a few weeks, we need to submit 10-15 campaign offers. Each customer has their own requirements for forms and different products in the assortment. “Even an employee with outstanding Excel skills can make mistakes by using the copy-paste method, either in the barcode, minimum quantity or, worse, in the price of the product,” says Nebokat, bringing out some of the pain points. 

Before, the mistakes in offers were revealed only after receiving the first purchase order from the store. “But then it’s already too late to make changes because sales are planned for a specific time period and the requirements for order fulfillment are fixed in the contracts. When we assemble orders, there is no room for mistakes.”


Becoming competitive by optimizing

Rico OÜ, a family business from Haapsalu, has managed to significantly increase its market share in just a few years. Today, their products are available in more than 100 stores across Estonia. One of the keys to their success is ongoing optimization of processes and the use of best practices.

“With a new business, it is very difficult to compete on prices, as the costs of production and products are high. This is why we decided to invest in quality and efficiency right from the start. We started producing premium class candles and wanted to implement best practices to optimize work processes,” he continued to describe the early days of the company.

For a small business, the implementation process of Telema PDS is simple. “We wanted to use the best practice in product information management. It may seem like an overkill for a small business, but in fact has been of crucial importance in the background. Thanks to constant automation, there have not been any obstacles to our growth and entering new retail chains.”


Recommended by Prisma

Rico OÜ was introduced to Telema services thanks to a recommendation from the retail chain Prisma. “It was clear that if retail chains use this system, we should implement Telema solutions as well. For us, Telema’s biggest advantage is their wide network. Thousands of stores and suppliers already use Telema’s solutions, and the most convenient way was to jump on the already moving train,” Nebokat explained.

The time saved thanks to the consistency of product data (measurements, descriptions, packaging) and convenient product data management are the main benefits Nebokat pointed out about Telema PDS. “Thanks to Telema PDS, we don’t miss any offers during the off-season. Making an assortment offer has become 10 times faster thanks to Telema PDS and filling the tables no longer feels like an annoying task. We can offer products fast and feel confident about the accuracy of data.”


Product range in Selver doubled

In addition to time savings, Rico feels the positive effect of Telema PDS solution on turnover growth. Nebokat comments:”We believe that thanks to Telema PDS solution’s convenience and error-free offers, we were able to double our product range in Christmas assortment in Selver!”


Logical and reliable

Nebokat pointed out pleasant customer communication and a wide range of offered solutions as Telema’s advantages. “Telema’s products and services are very easy for the customer to understand. Logical and at the same time reliable, which is especially important when working with a large amount of data. Telema’s customer service is also very personal and direct. I don’t remember a single time when a question was left unsolved.” In addition to Telema PDS solution, the company also uses Telema EDI Supplier solution to receive orders from retail chains.


About Rico OÜ

Rico OÜ is a family business from Haapsalu manufacturing handcrafted scented candles and aroma waxes under the brand Amii. Rico OÜ’s product range includes approximately 200 different articles. The company has a total of 6 employees and they use Merit Tarkvara. During 2022, Rico OÜ has exchanged more than 1,800 electronic documents with 100 partners.


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