Via3L: In logistics, fast-moving documents are of critical importance

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Via3L: In logistics, fast-moving documents are of critical importance

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“For Via3L it is vital that business information would move through secure and standardized channels, and the information flows could be monitored. Telema 3PL, a solution integrated with our business software, enables just that,” says Via3L IT manager Janel Kasuk.

For any logistics company, it is of critical importance that the documents would move fast, whether they are orders, invoices, despatch advice or receiving advice. “Electronic documents are fast, plus they ensure visibility throughout the supply chain,” explains Kasuk. Competent staff, clear integration principles and the possibility to standardize processes are the most important reasons why Via3L is using Telema 3PL service. 

EDI simplifies transfer of documents 

In supply chain, the more partners are involved, the more complex the trade document exchange can become. According to Kasuk, different partners have wanted to use very different formats of data interchange. Setting up an endless number of different channels and translating different formats would technically be a burden. “The data interchange system created by Telema makes partners speak the same language and use the same terms, which has made document transfer significantly easier, because it is fully integrated with our IT-system,” explains Kasuk.  

Once the integration with the ERP is done, the document flow is automatic and there is no need to re-enter data. EDI keeps all document transactions logged, ensuring real-time visibility and data transparency, especially important in third party logistics business. 

Via3L is keen to connect all their partners to EDI, which is pretty simple thanks to clear integration requirements and standardized formats. Telema specialists are always there to help with more challenging cases.

“Telema team has provided a lot of support in implementing complex flows and customer solutions. Optimum solutions and compromises have been found, taking into account both our and our partner’s wishes,”  confirms Kasuk. 

New opportunities for automation 

Via3L is also excited about the additional services Telema provides. For example, Telema Data Quality service aids when some data is missing or redundant, or validation of data is needed. Based on master data, Telema can enrich data on transaction documents. Or, based on customer specification, Telema can validate incoming documents and notify sender about deficiencies. For Via3L, Telema is also creating PDFs for outgoing e-invoices. 

In future, Via3L is planning to test Telema PDS solution for creating the golden truth of product information with the help of EDI. “As we are between the suppliers and retailers, we also need product data. It would be great if instead of Excels and manual work, we could import product data directly to our software,” he says. 

Over 2000 working hours saved monthly

Kasuk says that EDI service is an important business enabler as without digital connections you can no longer run a logistics business. “We have thousands of orders each month, handling all this manually is not possible,” he notes. It is estimated that automating incoming orders handling saves ca 25 minutes per order. This means that in August, Via 3L saved more than 2000 working hours on manual re-entry of orders alone. This calculation does not include savings on invoice, despatch advice, delivery order, return announcements etc handling. To find out how much your company could save using EDI, check out the Telema EDI calculator


Via3L IT Manager Janel Kasuk recommends Telema services to all those who want the information to move quickly and efficiently between systems and let people focus on meaningful work instead of routine data processing: “EDI should move data, so that people can develop business relationships.”

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