Dineta in Lithuania receives Telema certified partner status


Dineta in Lithuania receives Telema certified partner status

Telema issued its partner certificate to 36th ERP provider – Dineta. Companies using Dineta supported software DINETA.web can now enjoy benefits of Telema EDI network. Already more than 4000 shops and 1000 suppliers in the Baltics are exchanging e-documents.

Giedrius Židonis, the Head of Dineta’s Product Development Department says that Telema EDI solution helps to automate the information flow, thus accelerating business processes. “The use of e-documents eliminates repetitive manual data entry. The less there is human intervention, the less there are mistakes,” he explains. “Thanks to EDI integration into DINETA.web, our clients do not need to work in several different systems anymore,” adds Giedrius Židonis.

The built-in EDI module enables DINETA.web users to receive electronic orders and invoices directly in their ERP. The same module allows to send machine readable invoices to partners. For Dineta’s clients, the standard Telema EDI Module activation takes up to 2 working days.

Dineta is a Lithuanian IT company which provides business management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Its business management solutions are cloud based and accessible from anywhere with Internet connection. DINETA.web is an online accounting program.