Telema EDI roaming network now includes KMD, Pagero, and Expert Software

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Telema EDI roaming network now includes KMD, Pagero, and Expert Software

Telema has recently broadened its EDI reach in Denmark, Sweden and Romania. Roaming agreements have been signed and technical connections are up with three new EDI roaming partners: KMD, Pagero, and Expert Supplier.

Danish EDI operator KMD brings more digitalization solutions and EDI expertise to Telema’s expanding network. Mayeri Industries and TY Nordic are among the first customers using the new roaming connection with KMD to get EDI orders and send EDI invoices to their retailers in Denmark. Other common EDI document types are supported in this channel as well.

Swedish Pagero AB with a presence in 53 countries and 30 offices worldwide, has joined forces with Telema to enlarge the network available to both operators’ customers. First beneficiaries of this new connection, Tootsi Turvas and Kekkilä, are sending their electronic purchase invoices via Telema to Pagero AP Automation solution. Over the Telema-Pagero roaming, businesses can now effortlessly send and receive orders, invoices, order responses and other common EDI document types with their partners.

Telema has also strengthened its presence in Romania by signing an interoperability contract with Expert Software. This project was started to service Bolt Market EDI traffic in Romania. By the end of December, already more than 10 suppliers are receiving EDI orders and sending EDI invoices via this connection.

With more EDI roaming partners in the pipeline from Romania, Portugal, and Finland, Telema is determined to expand its already comprehensive EDI network across Europe. This will allow our customers to “EDIfy” all their trade document exchange with their partners, including the cross-border traffic.

As the global economy continues to demand streamlined digital processes, Telema’s expanded roaming network positions it at the forefront of the EDI landscape in the Baltics.

In case your partners work with Pagero, KMD and/or Expert Software, it will be now possible to set those connections up and running in no time! Contact your account manager in Telema and let them know about your wishes.

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