Onboarding Partners 

Onboarding means persuading business partners to start exchanging orders and invoices electronically (through EDI) to save time and money on purchase and sales processes.

Partner Onboarding

Onboarding is the most crucial part of the EDI project

The main value of EDI is the time savings from handling received transaction documents. On average, 10-30 minutes on each received document (orders or invoices, depending on their length) are saved by eliminating manual activities, such as re-entering data from paper, email or PDF to warehouse software, comparing documents, correcting mistakes etc. 

The bigger the number of partners actually exchanging electronic documents, the higher is the value from EDI. Thus, you should consistently work on onboarding your partners to EDI. For a successful EDI project technical capability is just a prerequisite. More important is to make  business agreements with your partners!

How does EDI create value?

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EDI eliminates manual activities in order and invoice handling, such as re-entering data, comparing documents, correcting mistakes etc.

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EDI connections are secure and documents are always accurate, they arrive at the right time to right the destination. Invoices cannot be hijacked.

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Receive and send documents directly in your warehouse or ERP software. Telema EDI modules in major ERP-s enable simple, fast and cost-effective activation of EDI.