Telema EDI Supports Shroomwell’s International Growth

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Telema EDI Supports Shroomwell’s International Growth

Shroomwell, known for its innovative and healthy mushroom-based products, has quickly become a leader in green innovation in Estonia. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has expanded internationally, offering functional mushroom products to 19 countries. Their product portfolio includes elixirs, sprays, and tinctures made from mushroom cultures such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Shiitake.

Rapid expansion brought complexities in supply chain management and order handling. Shroomwell sought a solution to automate order processing, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.


Selver Recommended Telema EDI System for Data Exchange

In May 2020, when their products were launched in one of Estonia’s largest retail chains Selver, the automation of data exchange using EDI became relevant. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows for the processing of machine-readable orders and sending machine-readable invoices to customers. Shroomwell (then Chaga) started using Telema’s web-based WEB Supplier service, and in November 2020, they moved to the next level by integrating their ERP system with Telema’s EDI Supplier service. According to Shroomwell’s logistics manager Terry Tamm, the integration went very smoothly:

“We were simultaneously implementing the production and warehouse module in Directo ERP. By then, our product data was already organized, and codes were in place for both products and customers. Since Directo is a Telema certified partner, adopting EDI at Shroomwell was very quick and almost unnoticed.”

EDI Adoption Significantly Increased Data Accuracy

After implementing Telema EDI, Shroomwell achieved the following results:

  • Automation of work processes: Manual order entry was replaced with electronic data interchange, reducing entry errors and freeing up employee time.
  • Faster order processing: Automated order processing speeds up the entire process, ensuring that the warehouse quickly and accurately receives all necessary orders, thereby improving delivery reliability.
  • Data accuracy and transparency: Electronic data interchange ensures the availability of accurate data and real-time tracking, reducing errors and improving supply chain transparency.

Shroomwell’s logistics manager Terry Tamm highlights that adopting EDI made their work processes much smoother and allowed them to focus on more important tasks:

“Adopting an EDI solution is definitely worthwhile. As volumes grow, it is simply impossible to avoid errors associated with manual entry. Delivery speed is better because the warehouse gets needed data for order picking faster, and instead of entering orders, there is time to deal with other, more important matters.”

EDI as an Accelerator for International Growth

Integrating Telema EDI into Shroomwell’s systems has been successful, bringing significant improvements in operational efficiency and data accuracy. Shroomwell is now better prepared to meet the demands of the international market and direct its resources towards developing innovative products and expanding into new markets. According to Tamm:

“Telema EDI solution has significantly simplified our supply chain management. Order processing is now much faster and more accurate, which is especially important in the context of our international expansion.”

Shroomwell plans to expand the use of EDI in Latvia and Lithuania, involving even more partners and optimizing supply chain management in these markets. The EDI solution supports their continued growth and international market expansion.


Shroomwell, formerly Chaga OÜ, is an Estonian green innovation company founded in 2014 that produces health products and develops medical mushroom science. They export functional mushroom products to 19 countries and established the first mushroom research center in Estonia in 2022. Shroomwell has over 40 team members and had a turnover of €1.7 million in 2023. Shroomwell uses Directo ERP and Telema EDISupplier solutions for data exchange with clients.

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