Telema PDS first year: solid client base on Baltic retail market

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Telema PDS first year: solid client base on Baltic retail market

Photo: Raul Mee

A year after the roll-out in 2021, Telema PDS proves to be the missing piece in the product data management puzzle. In addition to easily complying with various retailers’ product data requirements, clients can integrate Telema PDS with their ERP.

Manual product data entry has been a major source of errors, causing delays and confusion in supply chain management. “Our goal was to create a product data management tool that would save time for its users,” says Priit Pommer, Telema PDS product manager.

This far, suppliers have shared their product data with retailers using numerous Excel tables. From ingredients to units, the product data is often stored in various sources. Keeping this information up to date can be quite difficult and time consuming. If all this work could be eliminated, a lot of time would be saved. This is why so many suppliers have adopted Telema PDS solution.  Abestock, City Cider, Nurme Looduskosmeetika and Halika Õunatalu to name a few.

Every week, more and more retailer requirements (tables) are added to Telema PDS export tools. Most recently added, Aldar, Kaubamaja and Stockmann tables are now available on the PDS platform alongside Selver, Coop, Rimi and most other biggest retailers in Baltics. 

Moving towards full automation, Telema PDS now features several new functionalities. Many updates, such as retailers’ template management tools and product data upload interface are ready to use. Some, like price matrixes, are to be deployed soon. 

One aspect that makes the solution stand out from competitors, is the possibility to integrate Telema PDS with suppliers’ ERP. With 21 years of experience, Telema has the advantage to develop fully automated solutions, saving our customers time and money. 

In fact, over 1500 suppliers already have joined Telema network for exchanging EDI documents with retailers. Adding product data documents to existing channels is an easier task than building brand new integrations.   

Telema is glad to have a solid client base after only PDS’ first year on the market. In 2022, Telema PDS goal is to expand not only in Estonia, but on Latvian and Lithuanian markets as well. This makes Telema PDS an excellent choice for any companies having Pan-Baltic reach.

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