Protect your company data with 3 steps


Protect your company data with 3 steps

The economy’s shift to hybrid and remote work also creates significant opportunities for cybercriminals. Securing who’s accessing critical data, resources, and apps stored online is a must for organizations. Here are some preventative measures you can take in Telema portal:


1. Do not use company general emails/roles as usernames and do not share passwords

Using a general email ( or a role ( as a username in any business application is not a good practice. Especially when multiple employees share the password and have access to that account. When information in the application is modified by a user, it is impossible to tell later who exactly made the changes. Emails are generally also used to reset passwords. This creates a situation where all who have access to a certain email address, can reset the password and pretend to be the owner of the user account in the portal.

For example, Company A uses a generic email for username Both Mary Jones and John Smith have access to the account. Both Mary and John work with the account one day. The next day, it is discovered a mistake has been made but it is impossible to understand, who was the one making the changes.

Remember, there is no limit to the number of Telema portal accounts. It is your contractual obligation to make sure all users have personal accounts (see more Telema General Terms 3.1.2). But it is also in your own best interest and basic cyber hygiene.


2. Regularly close former employees’ accounts and update user data

When your employees leave, make sure to close their accounts. Without closing old accounts, your company is at data breach risk. Former employees might now be working for competitors and can still access the data if the account is not closed. This means using this information for their advantage can bring your company a lot of damage. This is also a reason why not to use shared accounts and passwords


3. Use secure passwords

Making sure your colleagues create secure passwords is the first step you can take to minimize the possibility of cyber attacks. Do not use your first or last name, birth date, or company name. Instead, use small and capital letters combined with numbers and symbols. Avoid using a solitary word in a language. Hackers have systems based on dictionaries to break in. Use symbols and numbers to change the word “watermelon” to a secure password “W@terme!0n”.

Some bad examples in any form or shape: abc123, qwerty, companyname123, password123, firstnamelastname, etc.


As an EDI operator, Telema is doing its best to maintain and provide our clients with a secure system. However, customers have the obligation and responsibility to protect their own company data.

Following the 3 steps above can make a big difference and improve your data security. If you have any questions or need help managing users in Telema portal, please contact our customer support