Telema PDS: 7 key features

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Telema PDS: 7 key features

Telema PDS (Product Data Sync) is a solution that allows manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to create, store and enrich product data in one database and share it with retailers. But how does the system work, exactly? Here are the 7 key features for you to benefit from:

  • Create, store and enrich product data

Create new products by using a practical product card template. You can be efficient by making bulk changes in the product list view. All retailers’ latest attributes, categories and templates are available for you in the system.  Any changes in the product enrichment process are logged to improve security and avoid misuse. 

  • Share your product data with retailers

Offering new products to retail chains or creating campaigns for existing products is just a click away. Telema PDS provides data exchange templates of all major retailers in the Baltics for your convenience.

  • Use data validation and unit conversion

Keeping up with retailers’ product listing requirements can be exhausting. Telema PDS helps to validate and convert product data according to each retailer’s specific requirements. 

  • Benefit from product data versions

In Telema PDS you can maintain multiple versions of product data.  While one version of product data is public, you can work on an update version. Product version comparison feature helps quickly identify differences in data. 

  • View history of product offerings

Telema PDS logs all data exports. It gives you a complete overview of when, to whom and at what price you have offered your products and which retail chains have them in their assortment.

  • Never miss a “window” in retail calendar

In close cooperation with all the major players on the market, Telema PDS features retailers’ assortment and campaign calendars. This allows you to manage your product and campaign offers even more effectively. 

  • Build your “golden truth” – import all product data to Telema PDS

Import product data from Excel, ERP or other sources to Telema PDS to create one centralized „golden database“ for all your product information.  As data is no more copied between different databases and tables, it will stay complete and accurate. 

In summary, Telema PDS ensures that your product data is always updated and compliant to retailers latest requirements.