Is EDI only for big companies? ASBK proves this wrong.

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Is EDI only for big companies? ASBK proves this wrong.

Sometimes, when discussion turns to supply chain automation and electronic data interchange (EDI), smaller companies tend to think this is not for them. They might think that automation concerns only the bigger companies with revenues of hundreds of millions of euros. 

ASBK UAB, VARTA’s official distributor in Lithuania, has been successfully using Telema EDI since 2017. ASBK has resale agreements with all major retailers in Lithuania: Maxima, Rivona, Ermitažas, Moki veži, Helso,, Getz Lithuania, Aibės Logistika and others, in total about 100 partners. 

Director Arvydas Grigaliūnas comments: “Initially, the need to use EDI arose from partners. Several major retailers, with whom we had been working for years, started using EDI, sending all orders and other trade documents in electronic format. To gain benefits from simpler and easier processing of sales orders, we also joined Telema EDI.”

“When we started receiving orders through the Telema EDI system directly to our ERP Rivile, the number of errors decreased significantly. We were able to process orders faster, which saves a lot of time for employees every day,” continues Arvydas Grigaliūnas.

The products ASBK represents are delivered to 170 warehouses and shops in the region. About 1200 invoices are issued monthly, and about 85% of them electronically via Telema EDI. 

“Another positive effect of EDI is that e-invoices can be exchanged quickly and conveniently. From Rivilė it is possible to send an e-document directly to customers with just one click,” explains Arvydas Grigaliūnas. 

The company is contented with the decision to automate its supply chain data flows. 

We highly appreciate the quality of Telema EDI services and the benefits it brings. From the implementation process to everyday issues, Telema has proactively solved all our issues. Today, I see and appreciate Telema as a reliable partner and would definitely recommend Telema to other smaller companies as well,” summarizes the director.

ASBK UAB was founded in 2002. The company sells power elements, lighting equipment, locks, cleaning products, electrical installation, adhesive tapes, etc. ASBK has 10 highly skilled employees and the company revenue in 2022 was 2.4 mln Eur.

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