Making an assortment offer in under 5 minutes!

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Making an assortment offer in under 5 minutes!

Big retailers such as Selver, Rimi and Maxima sell to consumers tens of thousands of products. To manage such vast amounts of product data, they have created their own rules and requirements. This creates a difficult situation for the suppliers, who have to provide slightly different versions of the same data. Something that takes a lot of time and is mostly done manually, copying data from one Excel spreadsheet to another. But not anymore, Telema has the solution.

Telema PDS provides a central location for all the product data that a supplier has. Keeping all the information together has many benefits. Product data stays complete, accurate and accessible – ready for instant usage, inside and outside of the company.

Once supplier’s product data is inserted into Telema PDS, it is easy to see if it really complies with the requirements of each retailer. Telema has mapped all the different retailer templates according to main product groups. For example, if you are a pastry producer, you will not even see fields that are needed for someone producing wine or meat products. But what you don’t want to miss are the logic errors. Telema solution will tell you if the outer box is smaller than the inner packaging or if the net weight is more than gross weight and so on. 

Once the data has been uploaded, checked and enriched, making the actual assortment or campaign offers is as easy as 1-2-3:


  1. Choose the retailer who you are making the offer to. Is it an assortment offer or a campaign offer? This can be specified with just one click in Telema PDS portal.
  2. Tick the products you want to add to the offer. Telema provides advanced filters and sorting. Working with even a hundred products at the same time is easy.
  3. Final step is the review. When satisfied, click to export and send data to the retailer. Fast, lean and convenient.


No need to find the latest retailer table, no need to copy data from multiple locations, no need to check the mandatory columns, no need to convert units. And most of all, no need to do it manually, spending hours just to prepare and send a few tables.

If you want to start issuing assortment or campaign offers in less than 5 minutes, contact Telema. You will see for yourself how simple and fast this complicated process can be.