Telema customer satisfaction NPS all time high in 2021

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Telema customer satisfaction NPS all time high in 2021

Telema customer satisfaction has been increasing for the 9th year in a row. The 2021 survey of 1564 respondents resulted in an NPS score of 72,8. The survey gives us useful feedback for our customer service and product development.

Telema customer satisfaction has been increasing for the 9th year in a row. 1564 respondents of the 2021 NPS survey evaluated us highly, raising the index to 72,8. According to B2B International, top scores in the B2B market are in the range of 65-70. 

We are glad to be considered as one of the industry leaders, but the real value for us lies in the amount of customers’ comments received. This feedback helps us to improve and develop our processes and core products. 

In recent years Telema eFlow, a purchase invoice workflow automation tool, was developed and is constantly being improved thanks to the feedback. This year Telema PDS, a product data management platform, was launched based on the same feedback. 

Telema EDI services work seamlessly in the background, supporting and automating customers’ supply chain processes. Once a year, Telema asks all its users to share their experiences, providing us with a great deal of positive feedback:


“One of the best companies in Baltics to get EDI working!”
Raimondas Šulinskas, Husqvarna OÜ/Lietuva UAB

“Continuous improvement of the system and product offerings. Fast and friendly problem solving, understands the client’s language (even if he can’t explain IT matters in a professional language).”
Guna Berzina, L´Oreal Baltic

“Professional team! Solutions that really work for your company!”
Relika Aruoja, Realiseerimiskeskus OÜ

“Telema service belongs to a class in which invisibility is the sign of a great service.”
Holger Krause, Värvifoorum OÜ

Digitisation is essential in all areas of business. With Telema solutions, we can save time and use less (human) resources and be more efficient.”
Jaanus Murakas, E-piim Tootmine AS


What is NPS?

NPS, aka Net Promoter Score, measures customer satisfaction through two questions: “How likely are you to recommend Telema to your friends and colleagues?” and “Why?”. Responses can be given on a 10-point scale, where scores 0-6 are given by dissatisfied customers, 7-8 are passive, and those giving 9-10 are considered as loyal customers and fans of the company. 

Telema has improved its NPS score every year for the last nine years. The survey has helped us to understand our customers’ needs better and enabled us to provide even better services.