EDI – a must-have for efficient business

Less manual work
Faster communication
More profitable business
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

is your chance to assign time-consuming and inconvenient tasks to computers. Forget about paper and PDF-files. With Telema, the trade information between you and your partners will travel automagically. Orders, despatch advices, invoices and dozens of other documents. From one ERP to another.

How can EDI help you?

Assures accuracy

Getting rid of manual data entry means less careless mistakes.

Enhances processes

The faster the data processing the more time there is for meaningful tasks.

Radiates reliability

EDI means no lost documents – every activity or action is properly logged.

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Experience that speaks for itself

50 000+ e‑documents daily
4400+ shops
1200+ suppliers
19 years on the market

Solid, dependable, compatible

ISO 27001

certified server hosting




software partners

Easy to join and integrate

37 certified ERP providers make integration fast and convenient

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Home country, Baltic States, the World

Roaming takes your document exchange anywhere in the world.

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