Meet Robin – accountant’s virtual assistant


Meet Robin – accountant’s virtual assistant

Accountant’s virtual assistant Robin has joined the Telema team. He is helping accountants to retrieve purchase invoice data, also CFOs to automate even the most detailed cost allocation. Moreover, Robin may be taught to automatically assign invoices to specific approval workflows and to even approve recurring invoices.

Robin does not replace the accountant, but he certainly helps to make the purchase invoice handling process more efficient, easier and faster. Thanks to Robin, accountants can focus on more value adding activities. Also, he enables management to get a better cost overview.

Robin is available for all Telema eFlow customers. No more searching from mailbox, nor printing, signing and archiving of paper invoices. eFlow portal lets users know who is next in approval workflow, so users can poke their colleagues, if needed. Executive eFlow users have very well adopted the new eFlow mobile application that allows to approve invoices anytime anywhere.

Telema eFlow is already being used in 12 countries, including Germany, Japan and Australia.