E-Invoices to Lithuanian public sector – follow Bolt!


E-Invoices to Lithuanian public sector – follow Bolt!

Starting from August 2020, companies can send their e-invoices to Lithuanian state organizations via Telema. This is a fine example of the possibilities of the European PEPPOL network, which Telema is a member of. 

Lithuanian government was the first Baltic state to make B2G (business-to-government sector) e-invoices mandatory. In July 2017, Center of Registers launched a dedicated system E.sąskaita for handling all purchase invoices resulting from contracts from public tenders. There are three ways to get the e-invoices to the system: 1) entering invoice data manually, 2) uploading a PDF invoice or 3) integrating company’s ERP with the E.sąskaita system. Of course only the third option is real e-invoicing, saving time and money for users. 

The simplest way to integrate your ERP with E.sąskaita  is to use the help of the leading EDI and e-invoicing operator in Baltics, Telema. Both Telema and Center of Registers are members of PEPPOL network, which unites multiple operators and companies across Europe. 

The first customer to use this connection has been BOLT (ex. TAXIFY) who started to use this service in Lithuania in August 2020. Bolt’s Global Billing Manager Kätri Kübar comments: “When we do business in any country, we want to follow the rules of that country. As Lithuanian public sector is demanding e-invoices for services used, we are happy to provide e-invoices to them. We are equally happy to provide e-invoices to private sector customers, as we strongly believe that it simplifies and streamlines business processes of both parties, the buyer and the seller”.

PEPPOL is a non-profit international association with public sector and private members. Its purpose is to enable European businesses to easily deal electronically with any European public sector buyers in their procurement processes, thereby increasing opportunities for greater competition.