Are you selling goods to retailers, cafes or other businesses?

Exchange e-documents and boost your sales.

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Are you ordering goods from producers, wholesalers or other suppliers?

Exchange e-documents and improve the efficiency of your processes.

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Do you wish to get rid of the piles of paper and manual data entry in accounting?

Manage purchase invoices electronically – get better overview and faster processes.

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EDI Supplier

Integrated e-document exchange.

Tired of re-typing errors and would rather receive orders directly to your ERP? Interested in convenient issuing of e-invoices?

EDI Supplier enables e-document exchange through your ERP and increases business efficiency.

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E-document exchange via web portal.

Do you want to sell to partners who insist on using EDI? Your ERP is insufficient or you don’t have any?

Web Supplier lets you exchange e-documents via web portal.

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A handy app, which helps the sales team save valuable time.

How about getting those orders from a customer visit to your office in real time? Want to take your market intelligence to the next level?

MMT keeps the data at hand for travelling sales agents and the back office.

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VMI and Visibility

Sales stats straight from retailers’ cash registers.

Wish to improve your products’ shelf availability? Interested in monitoring daily sales and changes in demand?

Plan your production and supplies based on the consumer demand.

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Product Data Sync in supply chain

Wish to create and enrich your product data in one place? Want to manage your assortment info and campaign offers?

Telema PDS is environment for product data management that provides integrity and accuracy of product information.

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EDI Buyer

Receive invoices and despatch advices in your ERP and send out e-orders.

You’d like your staff to create value instead of just retyping data? You prefer to send e-orders in order to accelerate the supply process? You’d like to receive e-invoices right in your ERP and thereby reduce careless mistakes?

With EDI Buyer you can avoid any delays due to data retyping – receive and sell the goods instantly.

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Cost allocation and invoice approval – make them electronic.

How about getting a better overview of costs and expense invoices? Would you like your invoices to be approved faster?

eFlow automates recurring activities, leaving you more time for meaningful work.

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Issue standardised e-invoices.

Are your customers requesting e-invoices? Want to make sure that your invoices are always received?

eInvoicing ensures that none of your invoices go missing. Ever.

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