Telema helped save €60 million for its Baltic customers


Telema helped save €60 million for its Baltic customers

In 2020, Telema network processed more than 18 million EDI documents. Assuming time savings of 10-30 minutes per one e-document and using data about average retail payroll, this translates to €60 million in savings for Telema’s customers.  

In total, over 6 500 new EDI connections were created, reflecting an annual growth of 7%. During 2020, more than 200 new customers joined Telema network, among them Araxes, Prike Latvija, Cesvaines piens, HUSQVARNA LIETUVA and SEB Liising. From May 2020, Telema is offering e-invoicing service to Merit Tarkvara, enabling more than 50 000 Merit’s customers to send and receive e-invoices. 

“Our services help businesses become more efficient and gain competitive advantage. The global pandemic did not hurt our business. On the contrary, going digital in document exchange makes now a lot of sense also from the health safety perspective,” comments Telema CEO Hele Hammer. “No papers, no physical contact – one worry less”. 

Another development due to the dramatically changed environment is the growing importance of e-commerce. This has considerably increased the overall need for product data. “We are happy to see that our latest product, Telema PDS is being launched just at the right time to address this need”, adds Hammer. 

Telema PDS (Product Data Sync) is a solution that allows suppliers to create, store and administer their product data easily and efficiently in one database, and securely exchange it with retailers.

For the year 2021, Telema forecasts a steady 10% growth in electronic document transfer volume. Telema also predicts a much wider use of add-on services based on EDI document exchange. This includes electronic workflows for accounting departments (Telema eFlow) or product data synchronization between suppliers and retailers (Telema PDS).


Telema is the leading EDI and e-invoicing operator in the Baltics, offering IT solutions that automate data flow in the supply chain. Telema transfers, converts, monitors and processes electronic trade documents such as orders, invoices, despatch advices and other commercial documents. 

There are over 4700 shops and over 1300 suppliers in the Telema system. Majority of Telema clients are from the Baltic states, but there are clients also from Finland, Poland, Denmark, Japan and 45 other countries. Telema has 45 employees and its offices are located in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.