Telema can help with ESG

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Telema can help with ESG

ESG is not just about saving trees. Although transferring from paper-based and PDF invoices to e-invoices aids in that as well (see How many trees did your company save?). ESG is also about reducing waste in terms of useless manual work. This is where Telema can help all of its customers. By automating information flows in purchase, sales and accounting processes, we eliminate redundant tasks and enable businesses to operate more efficiently.


Deciphering ESG: More Than Just Letters

ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance, constitutes a framework for responsible and sustainable management of a business.

Environmental (E): Focuses on a company’s ecological practices, energy efficiency, waste management, and overall environmental impact.

Social (S): Evaluates relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the community, including labor practices, diversity, inclusion, and community engagement.

Governance (G): Assesses leadership, internal controls, and structures, examining board composition, executive compensation, and financial transparency.


On 28.11.2023 Telema and Estonian Ministry of Finance held an informative seminar “ESG and einvoices – to whom, when and how?”. The seminar covered topics such as:

  • Understanding ESG
  • When and for whom sustainability reporting becomes mandatory
  • E-Invoicing Trends in Estonia and Europe
  • How AP automation and e-invoices contribute to sustainability

If you want to see the recording of the webinar, please submit a request through our web form.
NB. The seminar is in Estonian


ESG goes beyond just saving trees – it’s about making our work smarter and more efficient, as well as increasing the entrepreneurs’ responsibility toward our planet. Shifting from paper and PDF documents to e-invoices or EDI is a step in the right direction, and Telema is here to make it easy for its customers.


EDI’s Role in Achieving ESG Goals

The key to successful digitalization of information flows lies in choosing the right tech, and that’s where Telema shines. We’re leaders in providing EDI solutions that guide you through your data automation makeover. From electronic invoicing to accounts payable automation, we’ve got it covered. This is how EDI helps businesses embrace their sustainability.

  • Reducing Environmental Impact – EDI minimizes paper-based transactions, streamlines processes, and significantly reduces paper consumption for a greener business environment.
  • Improving Social Responsibility – Automation through EDI enhances efficiency, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks, fostering a positive work environment aligned with social responsibility goals. EDI also facilitates smoother communication with suppliers and customers, promoting fair and ethical business practices, contributing to a company’s social responsibility by building trust within the supply chain.
  • Enhancing Governance and Transparency – EDI systems provide a structured approach to data exchange, ensuring consistency and accuracy in financial reporting, supporting good governance, and enhancing transparency.


Conclusion: Embracing ESG for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In a world increasingly concerned about the impact of business on the planet, ESG serves as a guide for responsible practices. Embracing EDI not only streamlines operations but also significantly contributes to achieving ESG goals. It’s a win-win scenario – boosting efficiency while building a more sustainable future for all.


Teaming Up with Telema for Sustainable Transformation

Telema, a leading EDI operator, empowers businesses to embark on the data automation journey. Shifting from paper- or email-based methods to EDI isn’t just about going green; it’s about optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and transforming into eco-friendly, future-ready enterprises. Let us analyze your data exchange processes to suggest even more efficiency to your business!

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