W.EG. Eesti OÜ: EDI enhanced our purchase process

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W.EG. Eesti OÜ: EDI enhanced our purchase process

The introduction of Telema EDI Buyer has helped W.EG. automate its purchase process. According to purchasing manager Bogdan Onoshko, the transition to electronic data interchange has cut the time of stock replenishment, which in turn has increased customer satisfaction.

W.EG. Eesti OÜ, part of the renowned Würth Group, is a leading wholesaler of electrical supplies in Estonia. “As the business grew, handling paper documents became more and more time-consuming. It was clearly necessary to find a more efficient way for managing that large amount of transactions and orders,” comments Onoshko. For example, they wanted to transmit orders to their large suppliers ABB AS and Schneider Eesti AS electronically. Getting the electronic despatch advices directly into the warehouse system was equally important.


Cooperation partner needed to have vast EDI experience

W.EG. Eesti OÜ started looking for an electronic data interchange solution that could be integrated with the company’s ERP Axapta. “We wanted the solution to enable fast and secure electronic data exchange with partners, support the transmission of purchase orders and the receiving of confirmations as well as invoices,” told the purchasing manager. With the help of a new solution the company wanted to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in document handling.

W.EG. Eesti OÜ’s decision in favor of Telema was primarily based on Telema’s good reputation and long-term experience in EDI. The solution offered by Telema suited the company’s needs and requirements best. The EDI implementation process for W.EG. Eesti OÜ went smoothly. Telema team guided the company throughout the process and helped with the transition to electronic data interchange. Telema team was always there to help overcome the technical challenges that arose during the implementation of the new solution. Reflecting on the EDI implementation process, Onoshko stated that cooperation with Telema can be characterized by three keywords: ”Professional, reliable, efficient!”.


EDI increases customer satisfaction

In the first six months since the introduction of the Telema EDI Buyer service at the beginning of 2022, the document volume of W.EG. Eesti OÜ grew from 300 to 4,000 documents, i.e. more than 10 times. In the total year of 2022, the company exchanged via EDI 34,000 documents. According to Onoshko, it is already evident that the introduction of Telema’s EDI service has paid off in every sense.

“We keep an eye on several metrics, such as the share of electronic documents, the number of errors in document handling and the duration of processes. Time consumption and document handling mistakes have been significantly cut down, and at the same time, the efficiency markers of business processes have increased,” reveals the head of the purchasing department. Among other things, the solution saves employees’ time because there is no manual data entry and effort can be focused on more meaningful tasks.

Customers are also satisfied. Thanks to EDI, the company has been able to offer its clients a better customer experience, as automated data exchange with partners has significantly cut the time of stock replenishment.


Digitalisation is a priority

If you ask Onoshko whether they would recommend EDI to their cooperation partners, the answer is a definite “Yes!”. Based on the company’s experience, EDI increases the efficiency of business processes, reduces errors and saves time, as well as enhances partner relations. Today, the company has digitized 25 percent of its total order volume, but according to the purchasing manager, the plan is to reach 50 percent in the coming years. “EDI is an imperative tool for a modern company that wants to be competitive and efficient,” adds Onoshko.


About W.EG. Eesti OÜ

W.EG. Eesti OÜ has been operating under different names since 1992, offering electrical supplies for construction, electrical networks, industry and lighting. The company’s sales network covers all of Estonia, but the central warehouse, offering a selection of more than 6,000 products, is located in Tallinn. The company’s 116 employees are all specialists in their field. The company’s turnover in 2022 was 60 million euros. As their ERP W.EG. Eesti OÜ uses MS Dynamics AX.

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