Customer story: Are you organizing your work as seriously as IGIS?


Customer story: Are you organizing your work as seriously as IGIS?

IGIS, one of the largest Lithuanian producers of wet fillers, primers, paints and plasters, joined Telema EDI network in autumn of 2019. Currently they get EDI orders and send EDI invoices to 80 shops of Kesko Senukai, Moki-Veži and Lemora retail chains. 

Giedrė Kriščiūnaitė, director of business development, shares her experience: “SERIOUS WORK is the main principle followed throughout IGIS activities. This motto means that we are professional, motivated and integrated, and we work to exceed our customers’ expectations. Using the top technologies in cooperation with partners is part of the principle. That is why we chose Telema as our trusted EDI partner”.

IGIS uses Telema EDI Supplier service. Orders from shops arrive automatically to Rivilė ERP, and there is no need for entering the data manually. Human errors are eliminated, for example, regarding quantities or delivery addresses. This enables starting the production without delay and timely despatch of products. 

IGIS employees enjoy the benefits of a modern Telema EDI portal where they can easily check the status of EDI documents or create history reports. Automatic data entry and less human errors have a direct economic effect – IGIS is able to handle an increasing number of orders with the same number of employees. 

Now, IGIS is planning to extend EDI usage. In total, IGIS sells to more than 500 shops, so there is room for more automation. And not only as a supplier, but also as a buyer: “Telema EDI is really good value for money. As IGIS is also a retailer running its own shops, we are considering expanding the functionality and starting EDI in turn with our suppliers as well”, Giedrė Kriščiūnaitė continues her thoughts.

IGIS was founded in 1991 in Panevėžys. The company has its own laboratory and a 3500m2 production facility. They currently have 39 employees and produce 60 tons of house decoration products each day.  IGIS also operates specialized IGIS stores in the largest cities of Lithuania.