Consumers demand complete and verified product data

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Consumers demand complete and verified product data

Today’s consumers demand complete, trustworthy and verified product information. However, providing trustworthy product data has become increasingly difficult for companies in recent years. Why?

  1. Regulators like Consumer Protection Authority, Health Board, and Environmental Board impose additional obligations on companies to provide compliant and validated product information.
  2. Suppliers have their product information fragmented between multiple systems and departments.
  3. Retailers change their product data requirements often and unexpectedly.
  4. Providing product information that combines supply chain data and marketing data can be challenging.

Product Data Management

We often see how product data across the organization can become inaccurate and fragmented between departments, costing more money and time to maintain.  This fragmentation creates confusion, misunderstanding, ignorance, inefficiencies, double work and high costs. The quality of the product data is usually poor – and poor product data will lead to a loss of sales!

Product Data Management has played a key role in standardization of processes to increase efficiency and decrease costs.  There is a growing number of IT vendors offering various data management solutions. As product data management is not a core competence of suppliers and retailers, choosing  the best solution can be a challenge.

Telema PDS is a service that allows manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers to easily and efficiently create, store and administer all of their product data in one database. This solution ensures that the product data is accurate and compliant. User rights and information sharing through secure channels protect data from accidental modification or misuse.

Telema PDS offers:

INTEGRITY  – One “golden database” to store and update all product information, images and certificates, keeping a comprehensive history of the entire product life cycle.

ACCURACY – Product information always meets the latest requirements. Because data is not copied between different bases and tables, the possibility of errors is minimized.

CONNECTIVITY – PIM database can be integrated with both supplier and buyer business software, so there is no need to re-enter, copy or email information.

SECURITY – Product information is modified and shared through secure channels by authorized users only. All activities are logged, protecting data from misuse.

The development of Telema PDS was supported by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg program.