Telema acquired Latvian sales automation solution eAgent


Telema acquired Latvian sales automation solution eAgent

In December 2018, Telema acquired eAgent E-PASAULE SIA that manages the sales and merchandising automation solution eAgent. Over 500 sales agents from 65 big international sales and distribution companies in Baltics use the eAgent solution.

eAgent is an Android OS-based universal solution that automates tasks for various types of mobile workers. For example sales agents, merchandisers and repair technicians who all visit frequently customers. The result of the visit is transferred to server and/or accounting system in real-time. eAgent system can use NFC, QR, barcode scanner and camera for data recognition. It works both online and offline.

CEO of Telema, Hele Hammer said that the new product is a great addition to Telema supply chain IT solutions’ portfolio. “Combining the strengths of the eAgent development and support team with Telema knowledge and experience, we believe to arrive at even better solutions and services to our customers in future,” she explained.

Stas Bervjaconok, the director of E-Pasaule SIA, explained the decision to divest eAgent: “We have been collaborating with Telema for over 10 years already, providing EDI services to our joint customers. We believe that eAgent fits very well to Telema portfolio. E-Pasaule can now concentrate on our main business, which is IFS Applications implementation and banking solutions development.”

Besides offering EDI document exchange, Telema provides many value-adding services, among them Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions. There are over 4400 shops and over 1200 suppliers using Telema network, annually more than 16 million documents are exchanged. Majority of clients are from the Baltic States, but also from Sweden, Poland, Germany and Australia, altogether from 35 countries.