Telema PDS (Product Data Sync) – Frequently Asked Questions

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Telema PDS (Product Data Sync) – Frequently Asked Questions

How can you import product data into Telema PDS?

If you have already created a product database in your existing system, we recommend that you use one of two types of product data import. The most convenient is to import data from an enterprise’s resource management or accounting system. Alternatively you can upload data via .xls or .csv spreadsheet.


The third option is manual input of product data via the Telema PDS user interface. This option is preferable if you need to create completely new product information in the system.


How to exchange product data between the ERP system and the Telema PDS?

In order to use the full functionality of both systems, we recommend  integrating them. You will be able to transfer the item data in both directions, from the ERP to the PDS and vice versa. Systems integration gives flexibility to create and restore product  data where it is most efficient in the workflow.


Where is product data created?

Telema PDS provides more features and more information fields for product data than most ERP’s, so it is wiser to create new product data there. It also eliminates the need for Excel tables.


Which retail chains are currently connected to the Telema PDS?

Telema PDS enables product data validation and assortment table export in collaboration with the following retailers: Rimi, Maxima, Coop, Selver and Prisma. We are constantly working on extending the scope of cooperation to offer data validation and export forms to all Baltic FMCG retailers by the end of 2021.


How will the Telema ensure that the assortment  export forms in PDS meet the latest retailer requirements?

Telema works in close cooperation with retailers and receives information on planned changes in retailers’ data templates in advance. This guarantees that the  assortment tables and forms in Telema PDS always meet the latest retailer  requirements.


What are the pricing principles of Telema PDS?

The service charge will apply to all companies that benefit from product data synchronization, both suppliers and retailers. The price of the Product Data Synchronization, like other Telema solutions, will consist of a set fee for functionality used plus a variable fee based on the number of active items in your database.