Rimi going to 4Doc EDI: Frequently Asked Questions

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Rimi going to 4Doc EDI: Frequently Asked Questions

In August 2020, Rimi Baltic actively started moving to 4Doc process in its supply chain EDI solutions. The four documents involved are 

  1. order (ORDER),
  2. despatch advice (DESADV),
  3. receiving advice (RECADV),
  4. invoice (INVOICE).

Two of the documents are very well known to all suppliers: the order and the invoice. Two less known and less used are despatch advice and receiving advice. 

Electronic Despatch Advice speeds up and simplifies receipt of goods. Today, best before dates and batch numbers are entered manually, which is time-consuming and error prone. In future, this data will be read automatically from EDI despatch advice. 

Electronic Receiving Advice allows Rimi to give suppliers more detailed information about received goods. 


FAQs about Rimi 4DOC process

  • Is 4DOC required from all vendors? Yes, from all vendors who deliver to Rimi distribution centers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Multiple Despatch Advices. When there are multiple Despatch Advices referencing one purchase order, will there be many Receiving Advices as well? There will be one RECADV for goods delivered together in one delivery, even if there are multiple DESADVs. 
  • What units of measure should be used on Despatch Advice? It is best to use  ISO unit of measure codes.
  • What more do I need to do now? If you already exchange 4 transaction documents with other retailers, just notify Telema and we will turn on this service for you with Rimi as well. If you have not set up all 4 types of EDI documents, please contact Telema Support. If you are not Telema customer at all, please send us an inquiry and we will contact you shortly. 
  • What is the deadline? Starting from August and no later than October  31, 2020.