1500 restaurants EDI-enabled

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1500 restaurants EDI-enabled

Ektaco, providing Compucash to more than 1500 restaurants, became a certified Telema ERP partner. Becoming EDI-enabled in Compucash is now even quicker, easier and more affordable. With the Telema EDI module, Compucash users can send electronic orders directly to their suppliers’ software and receive e-invoices from suppliers directly to Compucash. The “product merging” tool Compucash has developed makes it easy to recognize products for what they are.

“For a restaurant, tomato is a tomato, no matter if it is 500g or 250g, or whether it comes from Spain or Italy. An additional feature in Compucash enables users to merge different tomatoes into just plain “tomato”. This is important when the kitchen is working with presaved recipes as it saves a lot of time for the restaurant staff”, comments Martin Laur, Ektaco’s manager.


No more manual data entry

Entering invoice data to Compucash from paper or PDF can take up to 20 minutes. With EDI, the invoice data from suppliers is transferred into Compucash automatically. Now, goods acceptance only means reviewing and confirming the received e-documents and there is no manual data entry. Electronic data exchange saves a lot of valuable working time for Compucash users.

 “I can’t imagine working without EDI anymore. In a restaurant, dealing with delivery notes, inventory and other economical aspects is the chefs’ responsibility. Telema service frees a lot of my valuable working time. As a chef, I can now focus on my main job: managing the kitchen and providing a better experience for customers,” tells Sten Märtin, chef of the Rudolf Restaurant.

Activation of the Telema EDI Module in Compucash costs 116 € + VAT (one-time fee payable to Ektaco). The module is activated within five working days. First you need to sign an EDI-services agreement with Telema. For EDI services there is a modest monthly and document fee. Setting up EDI service by Telema for Compucash users as Telema certified software users is free.

Most popular horeca software in Baltics

Compucash is one of the most popular horeca software in Baltics, used by more than 1,500 restaurants and shops, for example Rudolf, Olympic Casino, Kolm Tilli, OKO, St. Patrick’s, Noah, Paju Villa, Pädaste Manor, Vapiano and others.

Telema EDI network enables electronic data interchange with close to 5000 points of sale and 1,300 suppliers. Most popular suppliers of restaurants among them, of course: Fruit Express, Horeca Service, Jungent, Sanitex, Amoka, LM Keskus, Maag, Kaupmees, Pärnu Kalamajakas, Liviko, Via3L, Prike, Altia, etc.

In total, Telema has 38 certified ERP partneres across Baltic States. Becoming EDI-enabled in Telema network for the users of certified partners’ software is quick and affordable.

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