How many trees did your company save?

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How many trees did your company save?

It is estimated that one tree produces around 8400 sheets of paper. On average, a trade document (order or invoice) is 2 pages long. It is also estimated that each paper invoice circulates in at least 4 copies. This means one tree is enough for ca 1000 invoices. 

In 2022, Telema customers will exchange over 23.5 million EDI documents, saving over 23 500 trees. To find out how many trees your company saved in 2022, visit Telema Portal.

Not only does EDI provide your company more time to focus on meaningful tasks, it makes it possible for the next generations as well to enjoy snowy walks under the towering trees.

Telema thanks all of its customers for choosing Telema as your EDI partner and wish you a joyous New Year filled with laughter, light and these snowy walks with your loved ones.

Here are the TOP 15 Telema customers who saved the most trees in 2022.