Telema customer satisfaction NPS increasing for 7 years


Telema customer satisfaction NPS increasing for 7 years

Telema customer satisfaction has been increasing for the seventh year in a row. The 2019 survey of 1551 respondents resulted in an NPS score of 66. The results give us useful feedback for our customer service and product development.

Once a year Telema conducts a thorough survey, where feedback can be given by all Telema customers. This year we got over 1500 service users’ responses and received a great deal of positive feedback:

“The EDI service allows a data specialist to work much faster since there are no manual entries to be done. Thanks to your service there is no “human error” when moving data.” Sirje Luik, Pajumäe Talu OÜ

“We haven’t had a single complaint or inaccuracy in the last couple of years, unbelievable.” – Svajūnas Masiulis, Puratos Lithuania UAB

We also had a giveaway for the survey participants, where the lucky winners received prizes that bring joy to the dark and gloomy winter nights.

What is NPS?

Have you heard of the NPS survey? NPS, aka Net Promoter Score, measures customer satisfaction through two questions: “How likely are you to recommend Telema to your friends and colleagues?” and “Why?”. Responses can be given on a 10-point scale, where scores 0-6 are given by dissatisfied customers, 7-8 are passive, and those giving 9-10 are considered as loyal customers and fans of the company. 

Telema has improved its NPS score every year for the last seven years. The survey has helped Telema to understand our customer’s needs better and enabled us to provide better services.