Tegra Adopts Telema EDI in Response to Voice of Customers

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Tegra Adopts Telema EDI in Response to Voice of Customers

In Lithuania, Tegra products can be found in nearly every DIY shop, highlighting their widespread acceptance and strong market presence. Tegra State UAB develops and distributes construction adhesives, sealants and mounting foams. Having started in Lithuania, the business has expanded from Western Europe to the Far East.

The business expansion was increasingly demanding the integration of automation and innovation to stay competitive and efficient. Povilas Staigis, CEO of Tegra, explains the background:

“To grasp the extent of Tegra’s operations in the Baltics, consider that we serve over 500 customers and facilitate deliveries to 440 locations in Lithuania and 240 in Latvia, processing approximately 1200 orders monthly. This significant volume placed considerable demand on our staff, prompting us to explore solutions to streamline our operations and enhance efficiency.”

Given the circumstances, the natural course of action for Tegra was to seek automation in the exchange of orders and invoices with partners to improve efficiency and accuracy. Before making the switch to Telema, Tegra engaged with a different EDI operator. At that time, Tegra’s customer base was smaller, and the previous service provider displayed minimal enthusiasm toward broadening its network of clients. Additionally, Tegra’s processes were not optimally configured for EDI use, leading to a minimal realization of its potential benefits.

Consequently, to address these challenges and enhance its operational capabilities, Tegra decided in May 2016 to adopt Telema’s electronic document exchange (EDI) services for interacting with their partners, marking a significant step towards streamlining their business processes and fostering growth. CEO of Tegra State UAB explains,

“ Our decision to partner with Telema was influenced by our clients – the majority suggested working with Telema EDI due to their positive experiences. Currently we exchange monthly more than 700 trade documents with VIP customers in Lithuania and Latvia.”

By implementing Telema EDISupplier, Tegra has enhanced its order management and invoice processing capabilities. The primary advantage, serving as a foundation for other benefits, lies in the simplicity and convenience offered. With a significant reduction in manual tasks due to extensive automation, Tegra experiences fewer human errors and quicker process execution. P. Staigis notes that EDI also has a beneficial impact on customers who value efficiency and environmental sustainability. He elaborates,

“Clients value our efforts in streamlining their internal operations, leading to tighter collaboration. By eliminating paper invoices, we contribute to their environmental sustainability initiatives.”

The integration of MS Dynamics AX with EDI at Tegra was overseen by the company’s IT manager, Denys Senin. He noted the process was executed without any complications, highlighting the efficiency and stability of the service. Senin remarks,

“A significant advantage is Telema’s user-friendly web self-service portal, which provides access to the document traffic log, enables searching for potential partners to connect with, and offers a convenient way to request support.”

Povilas Staigis reflects on Tegra’s future plans, drawing from their successful experience with EDI in Lithuania. They are now aiming to expand EDI integration into new markets, including Germany and the Scandinavian countries. He states,

“Looking to the near future, as we already have know-how in Lithuania, we are planning EDI integration in new markets as well – Germany and Scandinavian countries. I hope that Telema will be able to help our plans come true. To companies still seeking to automate their trade processes, I recommend Telema as a reliable partner.”

This strategic move underscores Tegra’s ambition to streamline operations and strengthen its presence in Europe. With the proven effectiveness of EDI and Telema’s partnership, Tegra is well-positioned to enhance efficiency and foster stronger collaborations in these new markets.

In 2023 Tegra’s revenue reached €17 million. There are 34 employees in Lithuanian and 7 employees in their Latvian offices. Local sales teams also work in Germany, Poland, Finland and Ukraine. Tegra uses MS Dynamics AX for its warehouse and financial software. Every month, they exchange more than 700 documents with their retail partners using Telema EDISupplier product.


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