Telema to invest 1 million euros into its EDI system

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Telema to invest 1 million euros into its EDI system

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services are business-critical services. Over 5000 shops and 1500 suppliers in the Baltic States have trusted their most important business processes to Telema. Every business day, they exchange over 60 000 orders and invoices via Telema EDI network.

If a retailer’s order does not reach the supplier by deadline, the products won’t be on shelves when consumers need them. This is why Telema considers its systems’ reliability of utmost importance and takes great pride in its very high SLA (Service Level Availability) of 99,8%.

Such high SLA wouldn’t be possible without continuous research and development of Telema core systems. Over the last 5 years, Telema has invested more than 5 million euros into developing its EDI services.

In 2023, Telema is planning to invest another 1 million euros to both strengthen its core systems as well as into new versions of its product offering. On the infra side, the goal is making sure the system continues to be available, secure, and reliable. By combining the benefits of renewing traditional data-center systems with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, Telema can achieve a more secure and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

On Telema products side, investments continue into Telema eFlow new functionality MatchFlow. MatchFlow is a solution that automates 3-way matching (purchase order, receipt and invoice). The MVP will be launched during 2023.

Telema is also planning a complete overhaul of its customer self-service portal. Today, customers can manage their own accounts and contracts, monitor EDI document traffic and link their new EDI partners. In 2023, Telema will invest into increasing both functionality and user experience of the Telema portal.

Without continuous investments into infrastructure and product functionality, providing EDI and related services is not feasible. Telema is proud of being the EDI operator with highest SLA (99,8%) and best customer experience (NPS 73) on the Baltic market.