Koelner Vilnius decreased errors with EDI by 99%

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Koelner Vilnius decreased errors with EDI by 99%

Koelner Vilnius award-winning fastening materials under brands Rawlplug and Koelner are available in most Lithuanian DIY retail shops. The company trades with more than 300 business partners and delivers goods directly to 100 selling points across the Baltics. Monthly, Koelner Vilnius processes a significant amount of trade documents, issuing about 900 sales invoices.

In summer 2020, Koelner Vilnius began cooperation with Telema, starting the EDI document exchange with Moki veži 25 shops. 

Director Darius Šiliauskas comments: “From the very beginning of Telema cooperation, employees noticed a significant increase in their work efficiency. Before automation, the team was struggling with handling orders and invoices due to different product codes, names and measurement units in partners’ ERP systems. We had to check and correct them manually, losing valuable time. Now, trade documents circulate securely via the EDI network to and from our ERP Rivilė.” 

Rawlplug SA Group is focusing on supplying only the highest quality products. This is why you can meet Rawlplug products in the elevators of the “Apex of sky” – the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Or even farther away – in the Curiosity rover which explores the surface of Mars. 

Darius Šiliauskas continues: “Superb quality cannot evolve without constantly increasing efficiency of internal supply processes in the company. That was the reason why we turned to Telema in order to start using the EDI service. Telema EDI has helped us to decrease human errors by 99% and increase the speed of handling orders as well as invoices by more than 50%. I believe we should use EDI with each new customer with whom we exchange at least 50 orders and invoices a month.”

The Rawlplug brand, established in 1919 in the United Kingdom, is the leader in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. Its Lithuanian branch Koelner Vilnius currently employs 16 highly skilled employees with an annual turnover of 3 mln EUR. 

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