How do 5000+ shops save time and money?

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How do 5000+ shops save time and money?

In 2021, more than 21 million documents are exchanged in the biggest EDI network Telema in Baltic States. Processing this amount of orders, invoices and other trade documents requires a reliable solution. The time and effort it would take to manually enter this data is huge. This raises the question: How have over 5000 shops (and restaurants) managed to automate their data exchange process?


Automation brings value

Improving customers’ supply chain data processes and making them more efficient is the main goal for Telema. Telema EDIBuyer solution integrates retailer’s ERP to Telema system, allowing shops to send EDI orders and receive EDI invoices from over 1400 suppliers. Over 38 ERP support companies are certified partners to Telema, which means that joining the network is affordable, quick and easy. Furthermore, Telema has experience with more than 80 different ERP systems, more than 10 channels (AS2, RestAPI etc) and more than 20 formats (EDIFACT, ECOD, iDoc, UBL etc). 

In addition to great products, secure and reliable system is the foundation to quality EDI services. We believe high quality service is the key reason why companies continue joining Telema EDI network. This October, the number of shops and restaurants in Telema EDI network passed 5000.  


What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of trade documents between trade partners in machine-readable format. In Baltics, EDI is widespread in the FMCG sector in automated data exchange between suppliers and retailers. EDI connections allow transfer of electronic orders, invoices, despatch advices, receipt advices and other trade documents. EDI connections ensure the smooth flow of goods from suppliers to the shops.