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Independent retailers in Estonia are EDIfying themselves

In the second half of 2016 several independent regional retail stores have joined Telema EDI network. Smaller local FMCG shops like ALAVERE POOD OÜ, KASEPERE OÜ and AITÄH! OÜ each have already connected their first 20-30 suppliers. STELLANA OÜ, a DIY store, is finalizing its connection to electronic document transfer.

Some of the stores have used EDI over web before, but have now decided to upgrade. Integrated EDI service eliminates double data entry - orders can be sent and invoices received directly from the ERP. Smaller stores are usually low on staff and the hours tend to be long. More efficient processes mean less overtime and happier personnel.

EDIfication of smaller stores also suits the suppliers - the more links in the supply chain use EDI, the higher the efficiency in the whole supply chain. Using EDI will decrease the costs and improve on-shelf availability.

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Lemora and Čia Market onboarding suppliers to EDI in Lithuania

Lithuanian DIY retailer Lemora has 8 shops all over Lithuania and their revenue exceeded 50 million euros in 2015. Lemora’s EDI project started earlier this year and is now up and running. Solution was made with the help of Strongpoint- an integrated technology provider specializing in the retail industry. Lemora is now in the process of onboarding suppliers. First two, Krimelte and Tegra State, are using EDI with Lemora and enjoy the improved efficiency. At the end of 2016, another 4 suppliers are expected to be up and running. Lemora plans to onboard its biggest 45 suppliers during the first half of 2017.

Lithuanian FMCG retailer Čia Market with its 150 shops is another innovative EDI adopter. Čia Market sent a letter to its suppliers notifying them about the move to EDI in December 2016. They are onboarding the suppliers with greatest document volume in the first phase. Cia Market’s goal is to exchange EDI documents with most of its suppliers by the end of 2017.

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NPS: source for great ideas from customers

“Based on my 3-years experience I can say that the document traffic has worked perfectly. The new solutions are planned and tested thoroughly. The core of the rapidly evolving company is a very cool and nice team.”

Leelo Laiverik, the ERP super user of Liviko AS.

Telema’s yearly Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey held in November 2016 resulted in an all time high score of 60. On a satisfaction scale from 0-10 our average score was 8.66.

Out of the 989 respondents, two thirds gave Telema the maximum scores of 9-10. Majority of clients praised Telema services to be professional, fast and convenient.

The survey brought Telema valuable and specific information regarding our products. For example, thanks to the customer feedback, we released improvements to Telema MMT product card layout. Also, several ideas from the NPS survey for Telema eFlow have already been implemented : the eFlow application is slimmer to fit the screens better and the log of users’ actions is now much more detailed.

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What is EDI? - Telema's first ever animation

In October 2016, Telema published its first ever animation in cooperation with Animaag. The video explains in less than 2 minutes, what is EDI, why is it valuable and how to choose an EDI provider. 
Based on lot of positive feedback, Telema plans to create more animations for our other products as well. Stay tuned!