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Leading ERPs support e-invoicing

In 2016, Telema Certified Partners have been busy upgrading their Telema EDI module. In addition to EDI invoices (mostly used for invoices for goods) , the ERPs now also support sending and receiving e-Invoices corresponding to Estonian e-invoice standard (mostly used for invoices for services).

Upgrades include compatibility with Telema eFlow - a solution for cost allocation and electronic approval of purchase invoices. Currently, Telema eFlow can be implemented quickly and easily with the following software and support companies:
  • MS Dynamics NAV by BCS Itera, HÄT Systems, Columbus Eesti, Fujitsu and Aptus Group
  • Directo by Directo
  • SAF by Sysdec
  • PMEN by San Revilo 
  • VERP by Gaiasoft
  • Tresoor by Tresoor Tarkvara

As the interest towards e-invoicing solutions is growing rapidly, also other ERP support partners are upgrading their Telema EDI Modules to add e-invoicing and Telema eFlow compatibility.

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Active cooperation with 31 Telema Certified Partners

In Noveber, RGP SIA was welcomed as a new Telema Certified Partner in Latvia. RGP developed a proper Telema EDI module for ERP Horizon that is widely used in Latvia. Now Telema services are easily accessible to all Horizon users, no matter who is the support company.

On November 23, Telema hosted its fifth annual Software Partners Seminar in Tallinn. The event gave a fresh insight to EDI and e-invoicing and gathered more participants than ever before. Take a look at the presentations and photo gallery of the event.

At the end of the year, there are now 31 Telema Certified Partners in Baltics, supporting majority of commonly used business software. The cooperation is built on mutual interest in educating the market and developing better IT services.

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New EDI roaming partner Enfo

Since October 2016, Finnish EDI operator Enfo is Telema’s newest roaming partner. It means that Telema customers can exchange EDI documents with more than 5,000 companies in Enfo’s EDI network in Nordic Countries.

Through our 15 EDI and e-invoicing roaming partners roaming is possible with many countries worldwide. EDI roaming means that customers of one EDI operator can send documents to customers of another EDI operator (see picture).

Situations when EDI document roaming is often used in Telema system:
  • Baltic subsidiaries of international corporations (with existing international EDI operator) exchange trade documents with local retailers;
  • Baltic retailers wish to communicate with their foreign suppliers;
  • Baltic producers/suppliers use it in export to foreign countries.

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Evangelizing on e-invoicing and supply chain efficiency

E-invoicing is probably one of the hottest topics in Estonia today. Telema continuously collaborates with partners and institutions of higher education by sharing our e-invoicing knowledge.

On October 20, Telema was asked to perform at Fujitsu Estonia’s client seminar. Telema Product Manager Ayrton Grossmann and Partner Relations Manager Vivian Maripuu introduced Telema eFlow to MS Dynamics NAV users. Here is a recording (in Estonian) of their performance.

Our leading e-invoicing evangelist, Telema’s CEO Hele Hammer spoke about e-invoices at the Business IT Conference by BCS Itera on November 15. About 250 executives and owners of Estonian businesses got to know that e-invoices help to save 1-2% of their annual revenue and that the payback time of e-invoicing project is only 0,5-1,5 years.

Since September 2016 our CEO Hele Hammer leads the new course for financial managers at the Estonian Business School. In October, Telema Sales Director Mati Maasik explained e-invoices at the University of Applied Sciences at Lääne-Viru county on the International Accounting Day.

Telema people are closely involved with the Tallinn University of Technology. Some act as guest lecturers in the Inventory Management and Collaboration in the Supply Chain master course. In November, Telema team conducted the traditional MIT Beergame for the master students. In December, Telema Sales Director Mati Maasik explained the principles of EDI and discussed collaboration in the the supply chain. Hele Hammer will have a Supply Chain Finance course for master students in Spring of 2017.

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