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Telema Certified Partner programme: newcomer 1C

More than a million companies use the 1C accounting software from Russia. Therefore, when Telema certified SIA Elmi, supporting 1C software, in October 2014, we considered this an important milestone.

Telema has been supporting the implementation of Telema EDI Modules through the most widespread business software solutions in the Baltic States. Using software that includes the Telema EDI Module enables customers to start using EDI faster and more cost-effectively.
In 2014, Telema certified four new partners: two in Latvia and two in Lithuania. Many more certification projects are about to be concluded. In Latvia, the pilot projects are in their final stage for the software solutions Tildes Jumis  (Tilde) and Winlats (Assako Smart). Partners in Lithuania are keen on joint marketing and sales activities, market research, articles etc.
In Estonia, ten IT companies are Telema Certified Partners. On 6 November an informative EDI seminar was held in Tallinn for interested IT companies. The seminar attracted many participants and there are currently many negotiations going on to certify further IT companies.
In total, there are currently 16 Telema Certified Partners in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia: Ankravs, Rivile, New Vision, Nixor, Finvalda, KMA, Eurotec, BCS Itera, Sysdec, Taavi Tarkvara, Vallaste & Partnerid, Tresoor Tarkvara, Directo in all three Baltic countries, and Elmi.
If your software is supported by a Telema Certified Partner, integration to the Telema EDI System can be organised free of charge by Telema. The costs are minimal on the Telema Certified Partners’ side as well – for many solutions, Telema EDI Module activation is free. More information about this can be found in our Certified Partner activation terms.

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Investing in Education

Telema has good cooperation with universities and public sector organizations. Our employees are keen on educating themselves, as well as spreading their knowledge.
In Summer 2014, two Telema co-workers, IT Project Manager Raul Silde and Product Manager Sven Uustalu, graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology Supply Chain Management programme with masters degrees. Raul wrote his MA thesis on “Best Practice for EDI implementation in Europe” and Sven on “Key Success Factors in Vendor Managed Inventory”.

Both Sven and Raul were offered lecturing assignments after graduation. During the autumn semester of 2014, Sven delivered a master level course Inventory Management and Supply Chain Collaboration. Raul Silde delivered the Electronic Data Interchange course at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. The course gives logistics students practical skills for using electronic data interchange to improve their business processes and managing EDI projects.
In September 2014, the Telema team once again supervised the world famous supply chain simulation, the MIT Beer Game. This was administered for 45 first-year master students in Supply Chain Management at Tallinn University of Technology.
Telema’s CEO, Hele Hammer (PhD) is Head of the Faculty of Supply Chain Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology. She also teaches Finance Management and Business Intelligence at the Estonian Business School.

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Seminars on EDI, VMI, Information Technology in 2014

Telema promotes EDI, paperless trading processes and innovative ideas all year round. Here is a short overview of the events in 2014:

  • 27.02 “Do not miss the fast EDI train” - seminar for IT partners in Riga organized by Telema
  • 28.02 Trade seminar by Estonian business daily Äripäev, session hosted by Hele Hammer “How to avoid stock-outs while minimizing stock levels”
  • 08.10 Estonian Trade Congress in cooperation with ECR Baltics- Telema sponsoring
  • 21.10 ISO-club at Mektory- Telema team carrying out workshop on e-invoices
  • 29.10 Breakfast seminar organized by BCS Itera “Efficiency in production” Mati Maasik presenting on IT in supply chain
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