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How are other companies using EDI? What have been the mistakes and learning points? Are there tricks and tips others use that you could learn from?

Starting with this Newsletter issue, Telema will bring to the readers stories about our customers using EDI in their everyday business.

Dreigsas UAB
Offers wide assortment from exotic cuisines of the world. Products from the Far East, but also delicacies from Greece, Spain and France.
Most well-known brands:
Delivery points:about 300
Operates an online store by the name “” - Eastern Meals
Delivery frequency:
Telema service:
Document count monthly:about 2,000 orders and invoices monthly
Software:Rivile Gama

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Dreigsas journey from paper to web to integrated EDI

“EDI has helped Dreigsas to be among 100 fastest growing companies in Lithuania”, says Virgis Majorovas, director of the company. Dreigsas UAB is a supplier of healthy and exotic food to all major retail chains in Lithuania, including Maxima, Rimi, Prisma, Palink, and Rivona. They sell well-known oriental products like Kikkoman and Blue Dragon sauces. In 2014, Dreigsas turnover was over 2,5 million euros and they had 11 employees.

"For the first ten years, the company received thousands of orders on paper, via fax, through e-mail or over the phone. Entering sales orders into our business software and issuing monthly more than 1000 sales invoices was a full time job for 2-3 people," explains Mr Majorovas. In addition, the sending of invoices by regular mail took even more time and direct cost of postage was at least 400 euros monthly.

In 2007, Dreigsas started using Telema WebSupplier service over Internet. This allowed to comply with retailers requirements for EDI orders and EDI invoices, helped with order collection, and eliminated the postal charges for sales invoices. However, with the WebSupplier solution, the data from orders still had to be re-entered into Dreigsas’ own ERP Rivile Gama. "As the document volume grew, we decided to switch to a fully integrated Telema EDISupplier solution in 2013", comments Mr. Majorovas. The integration process was smooth because Rivile Gama had a built-in Telema EDI Module. The automated Telema EDISupplier solution was so efficient that when Maxima started its 4-document EDI process, Dreigsas gladly volunteered to be among the pioneers".

As a guest speaker at the successful EDI seminars organized by LKVIA (link LKVIA artiklile) in Kaunas and Vilnius, director Majorovas emphasized the need for reliable service. “We do not want to risk losing the orders from retailers, so we value Telema’s uninterrupted services highly”. Despite some initial reluctance, all Dreigsas’ employees are now fond of EDI. Director Majorovas explains: “Our employees have more time to deal with actual selling and customer relations, instead of entering data”.

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