Supplier Visibility – minimize out of stock and boost sales!

Get the sell-through statistics without leaving the office. Supplier Visibility brings you real sales data instantly and electronically.

Sell-through data helps you decide on the right stock levels to keep on the shelves. It means better cooperation with shops on inventory management. Better shelf availability boosts the sell-in and sell-through, and makes consumers happy.

Increase products’ shelf availability

Right product, right time, right place.

Precise reports

Precise reports

You get statistics directly from shops’ checkout counters. Sell-through data shows exactly how your products are performing and where. This allows you to produce or import goods that are higher in demand.

Avoid empty shelves

Avoid empty shelves

Sales and stock data from each POS make it easy to notice diminishing stocks. A quick reaction can help you restock the shelves before the goods are sold out. The client is content and the consumers are happy. You’ve increased sales.

Effective campaigns

Effective campaigns

Visibility is a powerful tool during campaigns. Having a current overview in a certain retail chain helps you replenish the stock. It is as easy to detect slow-moving items.

Save valuable time

Save valuable time

You no longer have to wait for shop personnel to send you data, nor physically count the stock in the stores. The information is right in your computer. Use the time and potential of your employees to increase sales.

Expand Supplier Visibility features


Supplier VMI

Do you have an agreement with your client, which allows you to decide when to replenish and how much?

Supplier VMI makes the decision-making and supply process smoother.

How? Read on

Trust the real data, not the guesstimates

Web portal supports your decisions.

Supplier Visibility presents:

  • sell-through and inventory level of your goods by shops
  • days on average a company turns its inventory into sales (DIO)

Supplier VMI also enables you to take charge of your orders:

  • the Portal automatically calculates the quantity that needs to be delivered
  • you can change the quantity, if necessary, and send the order directly to your ERP

Some of the retailers sharing POS data: