EDI Buyer – work wisely, let data flow automatically

Keep your trading records electronically. Exchange invoices, orders and other important documents between your ERP and customers instantly.

EDI eliminates careless mistakes, meaningless tasks and annoying data retyping. Goods can be received and displayed for consumers more promptly.

Automagical data exchange

Give up the broken phone effect. Let the data flow – swiftly, precisely and unchanged. From one ERP to another.


Create an order in your ERP. Telema translates it to be readable by your partner’s ERP.

Receiving orders*

The order arrives automatically in your supplier’s ERP. Supplier can process it instantly. No manual data re-entry needed.

Issuing invoices*

Supplier creates an invoice in its ERP. Telema automatically converts it to format readable by your ERP.

Receiving invoices*

The invoice arrives automatically in your ERP. No need for data re-entry. Goods can be accepted and displayed immediately, making them available for consumers much faster.

*In addition to orders and invoices, you can also exchange receiving advices, despatch advices and return announcements

EDI – a must-have for efficient business

Exchanging data electronically reduces errors and saves time. It boosts efficiency throughout your business.


E-invoices reach your ERP 24/7. No resources needed for data re-entry. Goods can be accepted and displayed immediately, generating sales.


No more recurring data entry. EDI automates information flow. Less human interference means fewer careless mistakes.


Suppliers receive e-orders in their ERPs. Orders can be processed and goods supplied immediately, reaching you on time.


We keep your data and documents safe. Encrypted data channels, document backups, ISO 27001 certified server hosting is there for your peace of mind.


Inspire your staff. Giving up paperwork challenges them with more meaningful tasks and opportunities to create value.


Enhance your business relations. Shift from phone and email orders to EDI and spend surplus time on meaningful business talks.

Complete overview. Always manageable.

EDI runs smoothly out of sight, but the data is always accessible. You can view your transactions and trace documents via the Telema Portal.

The portal provides a comprehensive view of your data interchange.

You can check on received invoices and despatch advices, as well as sent orders, receiving advices, return announcements. You can manage users and partners’ information.


EDI Buyer can create even more value for you with these extensions.

Data Quality – validating invoice data

Do suppliers send you incomplete invoices? The product data on received documents does not match to the sent data?

Receive only accurate documents.

How? Check it out