Web Supplier – Satisfy your partners’ business interests

Your partners are ready to trade only through EDI, but you don’t use an ERP or it’s functions are limited?

You can still meet your partners’ requirements. All you need to receive e-orders and issue e-invoices is an internet connection and a user account in the Telema Portal.

Web Supplier is a simple and suitable solution if you exchange about 100 documents monthly with your clients.

Create e-invoices with with just a few clicks

Generate and send e-invoices conveniently from a web portal.

Receiving orders*

Your partner sends you an e-order from ERP. The order is accessible via Telema Portal. You will receive an email notification.

Creating e-invoices*

It only takes a couple of clicks to create an e-invoice based on the received e-order in the Telema Portal.

Receiving e-invoices*

Your partner receives the e-invoice directly in ERP and can process it immediately. The faster the processing, the sooner your goods hit shop shelves.

*In addition to orders and invoices, you can also exchange receiving advices and despatch advices

EDI – a must-have for efficient business

Cooperate with partners who require electronic data interchange.


ERP is not a necessity for electronic data interchange. You can meet all your partners’ document requirements using the Telema Portal online. E-documents can also be saved in PDF-format.


Web Supplier doesn’t require heavy investment. For a modest monthly fee you can become an EDI-partner on an equal footing with all traders in the supply chain.


When the partner receives the e-invoice directly in ERP it can be processed immediately. The faster the processing the sooner your goods hit shop shelves.


Telema Portal allows you to create as many user accounts as necessary. All you need to access your data is a computer and internet connection – anywhere, anytime.

Telema Portal – your new desktop

Fundamental trade information is always at hand.

You can receive orders and receiving advices, as well as issue invoices and despatch advices.

You can manage the users and partners’ information.

Expand the services

Data Quality

Are you looking for automated price insertion when creating invoices?
Are you getting orders with product codes that do not match yours?

We automatically supplement your price and product data.

How? Check it out!


Do you use factoring to finance your invoices?

Speed up communication with your factoring provider.

How? Check it out!

EDI Supplier

Do you want to get more value out of EDI? Would you like to stop retyping orders and rather spend the time on active selling?

Exchange e-documents directly from ERP.


How? Check it out!