telema EDI supplier

EDI Supplier – Improve supply chain efficiency with one integration!

Switch to electronic trade documentation. Exchange invoices, orders and other important documents between your ERP and the customers’ instantly. EDI eliminates careless mistakes and meaningless tasks. Use the extra time for active selling!

Automagical data exchange

Give up the broken phone effect. Let the data flow – swiftly, precisely and unchanged. From one ERP to another.

EDI Automagical data exchange


Your partner creates an order in its ERP. Telema converts the order and makes it available in your ERP.

Receiving orders*

The order arrives automatically in your ERP. You can process it instantly. No manual data entry needed.

Issuing invoices*

Create an invoice in your ERP. Telema converts it to format suitable for your partner.

Receiving invoices*

Your partner receives the invoice in its ERP. Goods can be accepted and displayed immediately, making them available for consumers much faster.

*In addition to orders and invoices, you can also exchange receiving advices, despatch advices and return announcements

EDI – a must-have for efficient business

Exchanging data electronically reduces errors and saves time. It boosts efficiency throughout your business.

ADME Efficient


E-orders reach your ERP 24/7. Order collection is effortless and needs no resources. You can focus on prompt deliveries.

ADME Precise


No more recurring data entry. EDI automates information flow. Less human interference means less careless mistakes.



Customers receive e-documents in their ERPs. Goods can be accepted and displayed immediately, making them available for consumers much faster.

ADME Secure


We keep your data and documents safe. Encrypted data channels, document backups, ISO 27001 certified servers are there for your peace of mind.

ADME  Motivating


Inspire your staff. Giving up paperwork challenges them with more meaningful tasks and opportunities to create value.

ADME Progressive


Smooth data exchange and a more efficient delivery process will establish long-term reliable business relations.

Complete overview. Always manageable.

EDI runs smoothly out of sight, but the data is always accessible. You can view your transactions and trace documents via the Telema Portal.

Portal provides a comprehensive overview of your data interchange.

You can check received orders, receiving advices, return announcements as well as sent invoices and despatch advices. You can manage users and partners’ information.

Did you know processing a single order takes around 30 minutes?

Calculate, how much you can save using EDI!

Calculator step #1

1. Insert your data

Calculator step #2

2. Click "Calculate savings"

Calculator step #3

3. See what you can save with EDI!


EDI Supplier can create even more value with these extensions.



Do you use factoring services to finance your invoices?

Enhance communication with factoring provider.

How? Check it out
3PL – Third party logistics

3PL – Third party logistics

Have you outsourced your delivery or warehousing?

Add your logistics partners to EDI.

How? Check it out


Dealing with the public sector or other partners who are demanding e-invoices?

Issue e-invoices compliant with Estonian e-invoicing standard regardless of the partners’ service provider.

How? Check it out
Data Quality – product data validation and supplementation

Data Quality – product data validation and supplementation

Getting orders for items from outdated assortments? How about working with your own product codes even if customers don’t add them to orders?

Improve the accuracy of received documents.

How? Check it out