eFlow – for efficient invoice handling

No more searching for purchase invoices in your email, printing them, signing them on paper and filing them in folders.

eFlow is a convenient tool to help you to electronically approve invoices and allocate costs.

eFlow automates tedious recurring tasks and makes the entire process fast, simple and transparent.

How does eFlow work?

Meet Robin, your virtual invoice handling assistant!

1. Incoming invoices

  • All purchase invoices in one place
  • Accept e-invoices from all e-invoicing operators
  • Process also PDF- and paper invoices

Robin is there for you!

If your partners are not capable of sending e-invoices, forward your PDF-invoices to Robin. He will take it from there.

Robin can detect invoice data, so retyping is not necessary. Don’t worry about mistakes, Robin is eager to learn.

2. Cost allocation

  • Split, merge or copy invoice rows as needed
  • Use multiple cost dimensions
  • Get a clear overview of costs

Delegate cost allocation to Robin!

Guide Robin how to allocate your costs – by projects, departments, products or employees etc. Next time Robin will automatically apply the created rules. For instance, Robin can assign:

  • office rent invoices to account 5442
  • car lease invoices for agreement 123 to the Sales Department and the car with number plate 360MLK
  • invoice rows for phone No 54321000 on the phone bill to John in Customer Service

3. Invoice approval

  • Appoint approvers or create the approval workflow
  • Activate approval workflow
  • Approval of invoices in the Portal or mobile app

Robin remembers!

If you wish, you can have Robin learn which invoices to approve, and who will approve them. Then it takes just one click to activate the approval workflow. Superapprovers can delegate Robin to approve invoices for them.

4. Automatic archiving

  • All actions are always logged
  • Easy invoice access is granted for all relevant users
  • Invoices are archived for 7 years

Robin facilitates communication!

Once the invoices are approved, Robin sends them, along with the accounting entries to your ERP. Naturally, using secure, encrypted channels. 

Robin also takes care of the archiving. He organises your invoices and stores them in a secure e-archive.

From inbox to archive – invoice process accelerated

Now you can focus on meaningful tasks.


No more manual retyping of invoice data and account info. eFlow automates all your tedious recurring tasks.


eFlow gives you an overview of the entire invoice workflow. If an invoice gets stuck, you can poke the users to action.


Approval happens regardless of location. Invoices can be accessed anywhere anytime – one click from your mobile device is enough.


eFlow accelerates invoice handling. The faster the approval, the earlier you can close the books each month.


Different user rights define invoice access in the web portal. All actions are logged.


Promote partnership – timely invoice handling helps to ensure that your payments are made on time.

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