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Telema PDS (Product Data Sync) is a service that allows manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers to easily, efficiently create, store and administer all of their product data in one database. This solution ensures that the product data is accurate and compliant, as the data is not copied between different bases and tables. User rights and information sharing through secure channels protect data from accidental modification or misuse.

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Product data creation and enrichment

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Assortment and campaign management

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Integration with business software

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Sharing product info with retailers

Why it is needed?

Today, it is almost impossible to sell a product without information about that product. Product information is required by many parties – retail chains, consumers and government agencies. The requirements are different and there is no single standard for presenting product information – one that fits one does not fit another. The amount of product information required is so big that it is not possible to store it in the supplier’s own business software. Telema PDS is a product data management environment that ensures the integrity and accuracy of product information throughout the product life cycle and enables product information to be exchanged securely with the right parties at the right time.

What value does Telema PDS offer?

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All product data is stored in one database and can be quickly and conveniently exchanged between different partners according to their requirements, at any time without additional work.

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One “golden database” to store and update all product information, images and certifications, keeping a comprehensive history of the entire product life cycle.

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Telema PDS database can be integrated with both supplier and buyer business software, so there is no need to re-enter, copy or email information.

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Product information always meets the latest requirements. Because data is not copied between different bases and tables, the possibility of errors is minimized.

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Product information is modified and shared through user rights and secure channels. Saving and logging activities protects data against accidental editing or misuse.

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