Telema PDS – product data reaches retailers 10x faster

Telema PDS (Product Data Sync) – environment for suppliers to manage product data and exchange with retailers

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Available retailer tables include

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Telema PDS – why do you need it?

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Improves efficiency

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  • All product information is available in one place and for all
  • PDS helps to translate, convert units and validate
  • Share with retailers according to their requirements
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Guarantees up to date data

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  • Integrate with your ERP or e-commerce platform
  • Automate data entry between different tables
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Ensures secure processes

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  • Workflow is managed by user roles and rights
  • The registration and change log protects from abuse and accidental errors
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How does Telema PDS work?

Connect with your ERP

Create even more value and integrate your ERP to Telema PDS solution.

How much time PDS can save you?

How many retailer tables are you filling monthly?

How many minutes do you spend on each table?

Think about requesting data from colleagues, waiting for it, checking versions of data and last updates, converting values in accordance with retailer requirements, finding, validating and adding images, copying and pasting validated pricing info from other systems...

Telema PDS would
save you annually

1.5 Week(s)

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Ready to try Telema PDS?

Discover what Telema PDS can do with your product data.

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Why choose Telema PDS Supplier?

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Upload data

Import product info

Upload data to PDS via ERP integration, from a spreadsheet, or using manual entry.

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Improve product data quality

Choose retailers, check product data against retailer requirements, add translations, validate products and attributes.

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Automate tasks

Use Telema smart AI processes

AI converts units to suit retailers’ requirements and understands more complex template requirements.

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Download perfect data

Select the desired template, pick your products, add details and Telema PDS generates the final result. It is as simple as 1-2-3!

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