eInvoicing – progressive enterprises send e-invoices

Issue e-invoices that comply with Estonian e-invoicing standard and accelerate purchase to pay process.

ERP and an e-invoicing operator, like Telema, is all you need to use eInvoicing.

E-invoices are preferred by organizations in both the private and public sector. Keep pace with them!

Your invoices will never get lost

All actions are saved in a log. You know precisely when your customer receives your invoice.

Creating e-invoices

Create and send e-invoices from your ERP. For this you’ll need an e-invoicing operator. Telema is very suitable if you send more than 50 invoices a month.

Forwarding e-invoices

Telema converts the e-invoice into the correct format and sends it. Even if the customer uses another e-invoicing operator. Roaming delivers all the invoices to recipients.

Invoices reach recipients

Your customer receives the e-invoice directly in ERP and can process it immediately. You know precisely if and when the invoice was received.

Everyone uses it. For good reason!

E-invoicing is highly recommended in large enterprises and public sector organizations.



Invoices travel from ERP to ERP. Your partner can process e-invoices promptly. Faster processing means timely payments.



E-invoicing moves data automatically which reduces errors. Less errors, less tedious clearings.



You can check if and when the customer received the invoice. The data exchange occurs via secure channels and is logged.