Telema PDS Supplier – quick and painless data exchange with retailers.

Product name and product codes, dimensions, nutritional value, packaging, units and allergens – all product information in the same database! 

Save time and increase data accuracy – you will no longer have to copy and paste product data from different databases, systems and files into retailers’ Excel tables.

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Benefits of Telema PDS Supplier

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All product information in one place. Ready to be shared with retailers in alignment with their requirements. At any time and without any extra steps.

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No need to manually copy and re-enter data from multiple databases and files reduces errors. Data validation and unit conversion makes it easy to keep information clean and orderly.

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Product data can only be modified by users with the appropriate rights. The registration and change log protects against abuse and accidental errors.

Do you need Telema PDS Supplier?

Retailers will not sell your products unless you provide them detailed product data.

There is no single standard for submitting product data to retailers – they usually require different data and in different format. Some of the required data is most likely not currently stored in your ERP system, for example media files and certificates.

Are you copying the data manually into retailers excels from different systems and files?

How do you deliver your product  data to retailers?

Can Telema PDS Supplier help you?

How many retailer tables are you filling monthly?

How many minutes do you spend on each table?

Think about requesting data from colleagues, waiting for it, checking versions of data and last updates, converting values in accordance with retailer requirements, finding, validating and adding images, copying and pasting validated pricing info from other systems...

Telema PDS would save you annually:
1.5 week(s)

How does Telema PDS Supplier work?

  1. Upload your existing product data into PDS
  2. Enrich your product data according to system-highlighted discrepancies to comply with retailers requirements
  3. Export your product data to more than 20+ retailers in Baltics

They are already using:

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The development of Telema PDS is supported by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg program.