Telema eDoc


Telema eDoc is a document format for e-documents, which relies on XML format for data encoding. The Telema eDoc format has been derived from the Estonian e-invoice standard, EDIFACT, ISO20022, and other relevant Pan-European EDI standards. It specifies a variety of trade document types (invoices, orders, shipping notices etc.) and encompasses the needs of retail companies in the Baltic States and their neighboring countries.

This page offers you instructions, tools and samples for successful Telema eDoc implementation and testing. Documentation and guidelines are in English.
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For testing:

Telema eDoc validator: user guide and test environment


Sample documents:

NB! These are valid samples, but your final document may vary depending on ERP and business process requirements. Each situation must be considered on its own merits. A full description of the fields can be found in the current Complete Telema eDoc specification and the General Telema eDoc implementation guide.