Telema eFlow learned new tricks

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Telema eFlow learned new tricks

Recently the workflows in Telema eFlow got many updates. Workflow assigning is more flexible,  it can be automated and approval thresholds can be added for executive approvers. Let’s have a closer look.

Conditional workflow assignment

Now you can set additional conditions to automatic workflow assigning. For example, assign automatically based on delivery location, contract number, contact person etc.

  1. Open an existing workflow rule.
  2. Click on “Add condition”, select one from the dropdown and modify if needed.
  3. Save and assign workflow.

NB! It works best with e-invoices. All data you see on the PDF might not be captured and cannot be used as a trigger condition. 

Automatic workflow activation

You can send invoices to flow automatically. Open an existing workflow rule and switch it on. The next time an invoice from a selected supplier arrives, invoice will be automatically sent to the first approver.

Approval thresholds

It is possible to add approval thresholds. So if the invoice sum is less than the set threshold, the selected approver is skipped in the workflow.

  • Thresholds can be added to all approvers, except the last one. 
  • Thresholds can be added and edited by superusers. 
  • If a user is skipped in a workflow, it will still have access to the document.

Change in Starter role

Starter has the right to manage eFlow invoice inbox, assign existing workflows and send invoices to approval. The right to create workflows has been given only to Superusers and editing has been limited to adding approvers to existing workflows. Starter can still continue to make life easier by adding automatic workflow rules.

Useful tip: If a Starter often has to create custom workflows, then it is recommended to save a short sample workflow including someone who must always review invoices (e.g. head accountant, general manager). Starter can then select this workflow and add other required approvers.

We belive that these Telema eFlow updates make the life at work even more convinient.

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